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Indian Handicrafts

antique from Hyderabad, India
Hyderabad antique pot


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Indian paintings
Indian Art Gallery

Glass Beads hollow and gold plated
glass hollow beads
Glass Hollow beads
These are hollow glass beads madeup of glass with gold plated. vintage glass beads, mercury hollow glass beads, these beads are light in weight one can feel richness, shine and polish you can admire. These are available in deifferent designs and sizes.

Vintage Glass Beads Manufacturer, India

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ECO Friendly Crafts


Eco friendly crafts, natural straws


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Indian handicrafts



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Furniture Rajasthan
Cattle - Tea set


Ceramic Pottery

beautiful hand painted stonewares.

natural straws bag

handmade necklace

natural straws craft, bags, matteress, bin, and other items.


paper mache
Marble Souvenir

Marble handicrafts

dari, mat, textile india

Cotton dari, map, placemats, rugs etc.

Black Stone Pottery
Indian fashion
Serpentinite stone pottery belon to Mizoran and manipur. Mountain rock crush and convert into clay, then make these beautiful black and brown pottery.

Glass T-Lights

Glass handicrafts

Glasss handicrafts with various designs an size. T-light, hangings, chandeliers, mozaic lamp, lentern etc.



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Fairs and Exhibitions


Delhi Haat | Surajkund Craft Mela | Pushkar Fair | Craft Museum Delhi | EPCH Handicraft Exhibition | Bikaner Fair


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