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West Bengal Crafts

West Bengal is a vast land of diverse landscape and people. The capital Kolkata is famous for its beautiful attractions, lively people and delicious delicacies. West Bengal is also the state where beautiful hill station Darjeeling is situated. The holy river Ganga flows through this state and the UNESCO World Heritage site Sunderbans, the mangrove forest is also located here.

West Bengal handicrafts

The handicrafts of West Bengal portray the legacy of the state, which is renowned. The famous textiles of West Bengal have found a unique place in the world market with its Baluchari Sarees, Silk and Tasar Textile etc., which are produced in districts like Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bankura, Hoogly and Nadia in West Bengal. Moreover, handloom of these districts is also popular. Vase, west bengal artOther crafts like jute crafts, wood and cane crafts, conch-shell crafts, brasswares, Dokra art and folk dolls are also popular crafts of West Bengal. Every district of West Bengal practices a number of handicraft activities out of which they specialize in one or two.

Different categories of West Bengal handicrafts

Rag dolls
Cane & bamboo

The Masks of West Bengal are an important craftwork of the state. The mask making craft is going on since primitive time. These masks are mainly of mythological characters of the religious books that are made out of papier mache, which are then painted with bright colors.

terracotta west bengalTerracotta was one of the most ancient forms of art in west Bengal. The terracotta potters are called here as ‘Khumbhakars’ and they have been doing this work of terracotta pottery over ages. The various items of terracotta pottery include decorative items, tiles and so on.

Dhokra is the craft of where metal like brass and scrap is used mainly. This craft was actually practiced by nomadic clan in the past. Now craftsmen create beautifully shaped decorated metal products in Dhokra craft. This craft is in great demand in domestic and foreign market. Products crated out of this craft include horses, elephants, peacock owl, religious images, and measuring bowls, lamp caskets and so on.terracotta kolkata west bengal, India

Rag Dolls is a craft, whose origin has a Japanese influence. This craft has gained immense popularity in the recent times in West Bengal. Rag Dolls are made up of small pieces of cloth, cotton and wool and are sold as decorative purpose and as toys for small children.

Sholapith is a craft that makes items that are used for marriages & festivals as well as for making decorative items like wall hangings. Sholapith is a wild plant whose lustrous inner portion is used to make intricate decorations for deities during festivals. This craft also makes other items like garlands, floral bouquets, and headbands for brides etc.

Bamboo sofa handmadeCane and Bamboo handicraft is another popular craft in Bengal and has a huge market in cites. Cane and Bamboo are used to make furniture and various decorative pieces.

The craft of Wood Carving is used to make toys and other decorative items. This craft has become more and more stylized and modern. But the images made in this craft bears the traditional look of icon and deities.bamboo crafts

Textile is the most famous handicraft of West Bengal. In textile the famous ones are Baluchari Sarees, Silk and Tasar Textile etc., which are produced in various districts in West Bengal. Hundreds of weavers and craftsmen are associated with this craft.

Manufacturers of West Bengal handicrafts

1. Paramitaz deals in manufacturing all kinds of paintings, like glass painting, tanjore paintings, vrindavan paintings, handicrafts, candles, chemical ceramics, etc

Address: 37-A Chakraberia Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal
Website: http://www.paramitasircar.net

2. Little Crafts are the manufacturers of handicrafts, crafted handbags, handmade leather bags, and so on.

Address: 1, Lindsay Street, Kolkata, West Bengal

3. Shambhu Lall Kedia are manufactures of wooden handicrafts, wooden artifacts, multipurpose box, gift items and other wooden accessories

Address: 67/25 Strand Road, Kolkata, West Bengal

Exporters or export industry of West Bengal handicrafts

1. L. S. C. Creation exports handicrafts of various types.

Address: A-6, Binoda Bhawan-2 24/3, Feeder Road, Kolkata, West Bengal

2. Rohtas Export & Import Corporation deals in exporting handicrafts, textiles and so on.

Address: 59 Bentinck Street, Kolkata, West Bengal

3. Exim International is exporters of bamboo made handicrafts.

Address: 21/e, Atal Sur Road, Kolkata West Bengal

email : camelcraft@yahoo.com