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Painting Styles of India

Indian art
Painting in India is famous for its different shades of colours and hues used by artists. A lot of the ancient paintings are based on life of various forms of God and the common man. Art continues to be a form of expressing thoughts, words minus cultural, religion and language differences.
The most ancient forms of paintings can be seen in Ajanta and Ellora Caves. These paintings have been created using natural paints made from dried flower petals and leaves.
Murals are executed on huge works like caves and temples. On the other hand, miniature paintings are done on small and short-lived items like cloth and paper like scriptures and manuscripts.
Mughal Paintings

Mughal painting which combined Indian, Islamic and Persian style came up during the Mughal period. The emperors wanted a visual record of their deeds and achievements hence they encouraged artists to record their activities. The painting style was very elaborate and rich in shades. It captured the culture of that time by showcasing the rituals, ceremonies and stories.
ndian miniature art and paintings
During the Rajputana period, Rajput style of painting flourished which captured the essence of Hindu customs and mythology. These paintings were done on the walls of inner palaces and forts. Some of the paintings also included precious metal like gold, silver and semi-precious stones for inlay work.
Dancing women india
Rajasthani Miniature Painting

Mysore paintings are a classic example of sophisticated artwork showing Gods and Goddesses and scenes from Hindu epics. The attention to detail makes these paintings larger than life. Tanjore and Mysore paintings have become souvenir artwork down South because of the exquisite use of gold foil and other metals with rich dyes.
Another form of painting is called Madhubani painting which originated in the village of Madhubani and is very popular world over. It was done by the women of the village to celebrate certain rituals like weddings, motherhood etc. There are 3 styles of Madhubani painting – Brahmin style, tattoo style and Kshatriya style.
Another form of art which came about is Patachitra, a form of folk art born in the state of Orissa. Lord Jagannath is the main inspiration and them of such paintings along with other Hindu deities. This painting is done mainly on cloth which the artists prepare themselves. There’s a fantastic combination of pictorial conceptions, the idiosyncratic conventions, the extra-ordinary system of line formations and vibrant use of colors make.
Modern painting arose during pre-independence times when Indian painters took inspiration from Western schools and their techniques. Even though there’s a colonial tinge there’s an attempt to keep Indian roots alive in this form of art. This art, some say, is more acceptable to the eclectic side of an artist and constant experiments.
Despite a number of forms of paintings existing in our country, several other forms have been ignored which led to their demise. At an international level a lot of attention has been given to the handicrafts but in the own domestic market it’s yet to achieve its mark.
Nonetheless, one can’t deny that these rich forms add to the culture and heritage of the nation and needs to be encouraged in order to ensure its survival.

Indian Musicians performing music infront of the King of RajasthanIndian Art: Indian musians performing Indian classical music infront of the King of Rajasthan, and a woman dancer performing dance. Five Women are singing classical music and two musicans are plaing with sitar and otherr music instrument. Women are wearing colourful dresses and the men with beared wearing white cotton dress with red tarban. Women are with heavy traditiional jewelry with beautiful makeup, and all the portraits are in side profile the tipical painting style of Rajasthani miniature Art


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