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Pondicherry Handicarfts

Handmade paper is one of the special Pondicherry handicraft items. Handicrafts in Pondicherry is interesting and exceptional because most of them are hand made


Pondicherry has many things to brag about. It’s seafront walkways, traces of French culture and French architecture and the famous Aurobindo ashram. All this and much more make Pondicherry a place to love and admire. Although, French surrendered its possession over the Union Territory long back, the city still have traces of colonial days intact. However, the abundance of autorickshaws, traffic choked streets, markets and Hindu temples make you aware that you are in an Indian Territory.

Pondicherry crafts

Pondicherry is famous for Traditional handicrafts, which are available here in very competitive prices. Some such handicrafts include fine fabrics, semi-precious stones, hand-made incense, perfumes, locally made candles, marbled silks and aromatherapy products. In addition, things like hand made papers, leather items, and textiles are also common handicrafts found in this city. In fact, most of these art and craft help local people in earning their livelihood.

In Pondicherry, you can find good leather products like shoes, bags and wallet as well as
Jewelry and decorative items made out of leather. In textile, you will get fine cotton sarees with elegant prints and nice quality that are very popular all over India. Other textile found here includes the very famous handmade ‘Khadi’ along with satin and other fabrics.

Pondicherry also produces candles and incense sticks, which are sold all over the city. Another thing that the city is famous for is pottery with glaze finishing, which is unique in Pondicherry.

List of Pondicherry handicrafts

Leather craft
Handmade paper
Wood Carving
Clay & Terracotta
Jute Craft
Incense sticks

The leather craft of Pondicherry is well known and feature amongst the most sought after products for tourists. The various leather products that are available in the city include bags, shoes, writing pad holder, passport holders, address books, and brief cases of various shapes and sizes. Most of these leather goods are exported to the international market.

Textile holds the next significant position in Pondicherry handicrafts. There are remarkable production of textiles and linens available here. The government emporiums of Pondicherry are occupied with lovely garments of various textiles such as poplin, satin, twill, chambray, oxford, corduroy and cambric. Moreover, Khadi is another textile, which is very popular. The specialty of this fabric is such that it is locally made by people of Pondicherry. Pondicherry textiles come in various shades of bright colors and are mostly soft and comfortable to use. South Cotton saris of Pondicherry are also common and loved by everyone coming to visit the place. Most of these saris are designed with a zari border.

The significance of Pottery as an important craft of Pondicherry is another well-known fact. The pottery found here is distinct and have shiny finishing. These pots are used for household as well as decorative purpose. The craftsmen always experiment with new designs for these potteries.

Another product to add to the list of popularity is the handmade paper produced here. Like most other handicrafts, Aurobindo Ashram of Pondicherry is aiding in manufacturing these handmade papers since 1959. These papers are created in diversified colors and textures. This paper is also used to make greeting cards, book covers and paper bags as well as to make albums, photo frames and notepads.

Wood Carving, another interesting craft showcases the great talent of the artisan’s of Pondicherry. The best of this wood carving work can be seen in the temple doors and other objects. The craftsman creates some elegant and exquisite designs from wood, which these days can also be seen in people’s houses. Toys made out of wood are also a famous craft in Pondicherry. Figures of animals like elephant are made with wood as toys that look very beautiful. Other household things like wooden vegetable cutters, grinders, ladle holders, wooden serving spoons, containers and wooden kitchenware etc., are made in woodcarving.

Crafts made of Clay & Terracotta are also found in Pondicherry. The terracotta artists here create excellent designs out of clay and terracotta. Utensils, jewelry as well as decorative pieces are made out of these materials in Pondicherry. These days, clay and terracotta are also used to make tableware, jewelry, figures and figurines, lampshades, dolls, plant pots, vases, tea and coffee sets, and various other products.

Brightly colored ornaments or jewelry made of gold, silver, other metals or even made of terracotta are liked and used by most women here. Most of the traditional jewelry is coated with multi colored stones.

Jute is a natural fiber and Jute craft in Pondicherry makes use of jute to knead carpets, rugs, foot wear, jewelry, carry bags, handbags, wine bottle bags, wall hangings, decorative articles and showpieces. Products made of jute are extremely coveted in the international market.

Other crafts like metal craft, candle making and incense sticks making are also part and parcel of Pondicherry handicrafts.

Manufacturers of Pondicherry handicrafts

1. Mirra Impex are the manufacturers of wooden handicrafts, and paper products amongst other things.

Address: 15, Second Cross, Rainbow Nagar, Pondicherry, India


2. Vinayak Jute Fabrics and Handicrafts Service are the manufacturers and exporters of jute and jute products such as jute bags, and other handicraft items.

Address: 32, Mariamman Kolt St, Solai Nagar, Muthialpet, Pondicherry, India


3. Mother's Commerce Co Pvt. Ltd. Deals in manufacturing incense sticks, tapestries, handicrafts and so on.

Address: 10, Chanda Sahib Street, Pondicherry India


Exporters or export industry of Pondicherry handicrafts

1. Gift Forest is the official Business Support Partner of Pondichery State Co-Operative Handicrafts and Handlooms Federation Ltd. and help in exporting handicrafts of Pondicherry to the international market.

Address: No. 157, B - 3, Akkasamy Madam Street, Vazhakulam, Pondicherry


2. Faney Global are the exporters of handicrafts, paintings, ayurvedic products, herbal products, paper products, candles, perfume sticks, message oils and much more. They cover the markets worldwide.

Address: 66, Montorsier Street, Pondicherry India


3. Maruthi International are the exporters of fresh flowers, Indian handicrafts and herbal products

Address: No.1 a First Floor, Santhosh Mittai Stall Sapthagiri Nagar Thanampalayam Puducherry -605 007, Thavalakuppam, Pondicherry India

4. B K Exim deals in exporting jewellery and handicrafts as well.

Address: Plot No. 41, Second Cross, Msp Lakshmi Nagar, Keezhakasakudi, Kottucherry Post, Karaikal, Pondicherry India

5. Bala's Exporters deals in exporting wooded handicrafts, metal handicrafts, and textile.

Address: Pondicherry India

The international market of Pondicherry handicrafts is vast and spread across the globe. The major market consists parts of Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South East Asia, UAE, Holland, UK and Germany. A large portion of the export revenue of Pondicherry handicrafts comes from these countries.

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