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Karnataka Crafts

About Karnataka

The land of Karnataka is blessed with many fascinating monuments, historical structures, lush forests, and some amazing scenic beauty along with a vibrant culture. This state is a place of variety, where you can have a unique travel experience. Bengaluru, earlier known as Bangalore, which is an IT hub, is the capital of the state. Other interesting destinations of Karnataka include coorg, Mysore, Hampi and Pattadakal, Bijapur, and so on. Wildlife sanctuaries of Bandipur, Nagarhole and Dandeli, as well as the Ranganathittu Bird's Sanctuary are other places of interest in Karnataka. Like everything in the state, the handicrafts of Karnataka are also amongst the most sought after things for tourists because of their uniqueness.
Wood painting karnataka

Karnataka handicrafts

Most art and crafts of Karnataka are produced by using traditional methods, which has proved to be the hallmark of fineness in craftsmanship for Karnataka artisans. The temples and monuments in Karnataka are the living examples of stonework and the perfect skills of the craftsmen in the state. Moreover, these crafts have been going on for generations. Paintings, ivory carving, sandalwood crafts, Mysore silk etc., are some of the many interesting crafts seen in Karnataka. Moreover, metal work of Udupi is also renown for heir intricate craftsmanship.
karnataka art and culture

Different categories of Karnataka handicrafts

Wood Works
Mysore Silk
Leather lampshade
Metal Ware
Mysore Paintings
Ivory Carving
Stone Carving
Sandalwood Craft
Doll Making
Bidri Crafts

Wood Works or woodcarving is an ancient and very popular craft of Karnataka. The temples of the state and their architecture showcase the most impressive works of wood in Karnataka. The detailed designs done on wooden ceilings, doors etc., show the best of such works. The wooden works are done by means of traditional methods. Many idols of deities are also a part of this beautiful crafts.
Wood carving karnataka

Another very known and most heard about craft of Karnataka is the Mysore Silk, which is the major export material of the state. More than half of India's production of mulberry silk comes from Karnataka. Mysore became the main center during the time of Tipu Sultan, who ruled the city long back. The concept of Sericulture influenced him and he brought silk worms from Bengal to establish the silk business in Mysore. Now, you can buy saris and shawls made of Mysore silk, which are extremely popular.
Bidri crafts karnataka

gun metal statueMetal Ware work in Karnataka is limited to few areas and cities only. Bronze casting is famous in some part of the state whereas bell metal in some other. Many things required in performing religious duties are made up of metal. Udupi, Karkala, Mangalore and Nagamangala are some popular places where metal work is still done.gun-metal-handicrafts

There is no doubt that Mysore Paintings are the most popular and one of the most oldest form of art preset in Karnataka. These paintings are still made in the same form as they were being made in the ancient period. The use of vegetable colors in bright hues, gold leaf, and fine lines make these paintings unique and exclusive.paintings karnataka

Ivory Carving is another popular craft of Karnataka. In this craft articles are curved delicately showcasing the figures deities.

Stone Carvers is again an interesting craft form of the state. Most of the skills of these stone carvers in Karnataka can be seen in the temples and its idols.

Sandalwood Craft is used to produce beautiful art pieces include images of lord Krishna, lamp shades, trays, jewel boxes, decorative articles, combs and walking sticks and so on.

Doll Making in Karnataka is a craft where dolls are made by wood or on wooden platform. They are then decorated and painted upon. Besides these wooden puppets, Karnataka also produces leather puppets which are more extensively used.

Leather skin lamphades and other decoration hangings, these are beautiful lamshade hand painted lampshade and other decorated figures for home decorations, made of goat leather skin. strippling by thin pin andpainted by beautiful colours.
leather lamp shade
Leather lamp shades

leather hangings elephant blue
Leather hangings

painted leather lamp
Leather Lamp with hand painted decorations

Manufacturers of Karnataka handicrafts

1. Mona Lisa fine Art Products is the manufacturer of canvas products, canvas painting, sculptures, traditional painting, oil paintings, Indian crafts, and so on

Address: M17, Industrial Estate, Udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka

2. Sri Rajshree Industries manufactures marble handicraft along with other marble products.

Address: Manf. Unit, Plot No.-2, P-11, Thandya Industrial Area, Nanjangud, Mysore District, Karnataka
Website: http://www.srirajshree.com

3. Glory Export & Import are manufactures of handicraft and other products.

Address: #841, Mig 2, 2nd Stage, 10th Cross, 6th Phase, Sharada Devi Nagar., Mysore, Karnataka
Website: http://www.gloryagrofresh.com

Exporters or export industry of Karnataka handicrafts

1. Nature Craft deals in exporting exquisite artifacts, furniture, handicrafts and so on.

Address: Joldal Post Office Chikmagalur Distt, Ch, Karnataka

2. Artha Enterprise exports bronze handicrafts, granite handicrafts, and wood handicrafts
Address: PO Box 4083, Vijayanagar Main, Bangalore, Karnataka

3. Ajmal Handicrafts deals in exporting wooden gifts and handicrafts
Address: 715/1, Abidpur Mohalla, Daira, Channapat, Bangalore, Karnataka

The market of Karnataka handicraft covers countries like USA, Australia, Philippines and so on. Most goods produced in Karnataka are highly appreciated in these markets.

email : camelcraft@yahoo.com