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Tamil Nadu handicrafts

Tamil Nadu is known as the temple state of India as the state has some remarkable temples with beautiful and intricate figures and carvings. The history of the state is thousands of years old. The culture of Tamil Nadu is ancient and rich. This is also a perfect destination for religious people. The state has a touch of everything including hill stations, beaches, cities and so on. Moreover, the handicrafts of Tamil Nadu are also a part of the rich culture of the state.

Tamil Nadu handicrafts

The handicrafts of Tamil Nadu showcase the profuse history of Tamil culture and traditions that has grown over the ages. The different crafts of Tamil Nadu add elegance and splendor to lifestyles of People in Tamil Nadu and all over the world. The various crafts of Tamil Nadu include Tanjore Paintings, Jewelry, Woodcarving, Stone Carving, Pottery, and much more. The traditional ornate paintings, known as Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu are most distinct paintings of the state. These paintings use pure gold foils and semi precious stones for decoration. Making musical instruments is another craft of Tamil Nadu. In fact, music is a very significant part of Tamil life and most children pursue it during their growing years.
Different categories of Tamil Nadu handicrafts

Paintings of Tanjore
Musical Instruments
Stone Carving

The Paintings of Tanjore are famous and one of the most significant art and crafts of Tamil Nadu. The unique thing about these paintings is that they are done on wood, glass, mica, ivory as well as on walls. Moreover, a thin sheet of gold is used to color the painting along with primary colors. These tanjore paintings on ivory, mica and glass were introduced in the 18th century.

The Craft of Making Musical Instruments is another popular craft of Tamil Nadu as music is like life and soul of Tamil Nadu. The art of making musical instruments is regarded as a major craft of the state. Thanjavur, which is the hometown of many famous musicians, is the major hub of this craft in Tamil Nadu. This town is famous for families that are involved in the trade of manufacturing Veenas for generations now. Other musical instruments made here are Thamburas with wooden base, the flute, and so on.

The Art of Creating Jewelery is another craft of Tamil Nadu. The traditional jewellery of the state is the stone-encrusted jewelery and the most famous ornaments are the gold waist belt, armlet, eardrop and so on.

Metalware is another craft of Tamil Nadu made with brass and copper. This craft is again an ancient craft of the state. The various objects made of metal craft are mostly used for religious and utility purposes. Some such objects include lamp, trays, dishes, designs of deities, birds, flowers, and geometric patterns, toys, and so on.

Pottery is again a popular craft here. The potters make large terracotta horses and other terracotta art item in this craft.

Woodcraft in Tamil Nadu is used to create basketry and other fiber products, which are also exported abroad. Palm along with grasses, bamboo, and cane, etc., are used to make products such as baskets, ropes, mats etc.

Stone Carving is a rich craft of the state that has received high degree of excellence. Granite carving is very popular and sought after craft. Soapstone is another craft common here.

In addition, Textile is also a popular craft of Tamil Nadu. Cotton Dhoti, Kanchipuram Saris, and many such fabrics are produced in the state.

Manufacturers of Tamil Nadu handicrafts

1. Annai Santha Santhi Castings manufactures handicrafts, architectural products and so on.
Address: Ambattur Sidco Industrial Estate, Pattaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

2. Vasantham Enterprises is manufacturer of handmade handicrafts, glass painting, fabric painting, gift items and so on.
Address: 5/115, Anna Street, Angamaml Colony, Salem, Tamil Nadu

3. Triplekings International is again a manufacturer of handicrafts, fashion jewelry, knitwears, and hosiery product.
Address: No. H-1074, 26th Street, Ponni Colony, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Exporters or export industry of Tamil Nadu handicrafts

1. Sri Krishna Export Traders exports handicrafts, paper products, paintings, jute products, paper bags, and so on.

Address: 64, East Pettai Street, Near Nadar Lodge, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu

2. SUV Exports is the exporter of handicrafts, gold foil painting, dancing dolls, jute, coir, teak furnitures, handbag, sculptures, stone crafts, jute carry bags, and so on.

Address: 5, Ramakrishna Street, Nehru Nagar, Chrompet,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

3. BR Exporters deals in handicrafts, perfumed candles, decorative candles, terracotta, brass items, wooden crafts, paintings, tanjore painting, art paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and nature paintings.

Address: 23,Officers Colony, Perur Pachapalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

4. Derk Exports deals in handicrafts, handlooms, and spices

Address: Teacher Colony, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The crafts of Tamil Nadu cover a market that ranges from countries like Singapore, Malysia, UAE, EU, other other Asian countries.


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