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Maharashtra Hanidcrafts

About the state of Maharashtra

Being India’s second most populous state, Maharashtra encompasses a massive framework of varied things, destinations and experiences. With Mumbai as the capital, Maharashtra is one of the most important states of India. There are many beautiful sights and sounds to see and experience in the state. With cities like Nasik, Pune, Kolhapur, Nagpur, along with Aurangabad, Ajanta Ellora and of course Mumbai, the list of beautiful places in Maharashtra is endless.
The kind of variety seen in its places makes it evident that there is a great variety of handicrafts that this state possesses. Maharashtra’s unique crafts and art enriches its rich heritage.

Handicrafts of Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a wide variety of handicrafts available, some of which originated long back during the time of Marathas, Mughals and even Britishers. These art and craft showcases the true spirit of Maharashtrian culture. There are some very famous crafts of Maharashtra such as sawantwadi crafts, bidri works, leather works, weaving, Mashru and Himru, Paintings and so on. These crafts portray the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra and showcase the unique blend of different traditions. The state also displays a lively spirit that never fades and can be seen in its crafts as well.

Different categories of Maharashtra handicrafts

Sawantwadi Crafts
Bidri Works
Leather Works
Mashru and Himru
Paintings of Maharashtra - Ajanta Paintings, Warli Paintings

Sawantwadi is a small town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, which is famous for its Sawantwadi crafts. These popular crafts mostly include lacquer ware, which is prevalent here from the 17th century. These crafts are available extensively these days and the artisans who create these crafts are mostly from Goa and Konkan. These crafts mostly include traditional lacquered furniture painted with hands and light fittings.

Another popular craft of Maharashtra is the Bidri Work. The Bidri ware is an old craft that originated in Aurangabad and makes use of zinc and copper as raw materials. This art involves intricate work of silver in different ways such as brocaded, overlaid or inlaid on metal surfaces. At present this art is used to make decorative pieces that are sold as souvenirs.

Leather Works of Maharashtra, another famous and well-known craft of the state, makes lovely pairs of leather sandals or chappals. Kolhapur, a district in Maharashtra, is popular for making these famous sandals that are exported world over. These chappals are of great style and comfort.
Leather crafts Maharashtra India

Weaving is a strong craft of the state, which has a long textile history. The state produces variety of saris in areas such as Kolhapur, Pune and Paithan, Aurangabad. These are of great design and quality. The Paithani Saris of Maharashtra are being woven since the last 2000 years. These Paithani sari are made with pure silk along with work of zari or gold threads. Another traditional Maharashtrian sari is the Narayan Peth sari of Sholapur.

Mashru and Himru fabrics of Aurangabad are very famous. These fabrics are made of cotton and silk and are shiny. These Himru shawls are of multi-color designs and cost worthy. Moreover, they are made up of silk and cotton threads. Mohamed-bin-Tughlak brought the artisans for Himru craft from places like Banaras and Ahmedabad and laid the foundation of Himru industry in Aurangabad. .

Paintings of Maharashtra include Ajanta Paintings and Warli Paintings. Ajanta Paintings is the paintings that you can see in Ajanta Caves, which are exceptionally beautiful. The Warli Painting is the paintings done by tribal people of Thane district. These paintings are mostly painted by women during wedding rituals by using rice paste and straw. At present, these paintings are available everywhere in India.

Kolhapur is a city known for being home to artisans that make excellent Jewelry. The jewelers in the city have an entirely different style of jewelry making, known as Kolhapur jewelry, another popular art of Maharashtra.

Manufacturers of Maharashtra handicrafts

1. M. Esmailji Abdulhusein & Co. Pvt. Ltd deals in manufacturing and exporting handicraft, ancient products, and metal lampshades amongst others.

Address: Plot No.88 / 89, 1st Lane, Darukhana, Mazagaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.millsons.in

2. Brandsol deals in manufacturing handicrafts, apparel, brass products, rubber products, leather products, and so on.

Address: A-3/ 203, Acolade, Opp. Kothari Hyundai, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.brandsol.in

3. Arihant Enterprises deals in manufacturing jewelry, textile fabrics, readymade garments, metal products, handicraft items, and so on.

Address: 904, Satyam Apts., Wardha Road, Dhantoli, Nagpur, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.saiarihantexports.com

Exporters or export industry of Maharashtra handicrafts

1. Jewel India deals in exporting imitation jewelry, fashion accessories, semi precious stones, and handicrafts items.

Address: C-7/7, Bhadran Nagar, Behind N.l. High School, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.jewelindia.co.in

2. Rajesh Kengar (Proprietorship) deals in exporting textile products and handicrafts amongst other things.

Address: Sinhagad Road, Pune, Maharashtra
Website: http://www.rajeshkengar.com

3. Combinations is another exporter of paintings, woolen shawl, handicrafts, hand bags, paper bags and much more.

Address: 4A Windmere, Capt. Pethe Marg, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.combinations.in

4. Sidhpura Corporation are exporters of paper bags, cotton bags, jute bags, stationary products, paper products, wooden temples, marble temples, handicrafts, jewelry boxes, and marble temple.

Address: 70, Ramwadi Jagruti Nivas, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Website: http://www.sidhpura-exim.com

Having so many beautiful and popular destinations, Maharashtra gets large number of Indian as well as international tourists. The handicrafts of Maharashtra are liked and admired by these tourists and thereby it widens the market for these crafts of the state. Likewise, these products have a niche market in the international scenario as well. There is a large market out there in the international scenario where there is a great demand of Maharashtrian handicrafts

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