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Madhya Pradesh Tribals Art and Crafts

being one of the largest states, Madhya Pradesh has an edge in producing numerous Madhya Pradesh handicrafts. Metal work here is famous along with many other crafts of Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh handicrafts

Madhya Pradesh Atraction

Madhya Pradesh commonly known as MP was the largest state in the country before the formation of Chhattisgarh, which broke away from MP in 2000. Though MP has some of the very beautiful places to see and admire, the state is not as popular as a tourist destination as most other popular states in India.
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However, there are many beautiful places that lure tourists to this state. With places like Khajuraho, Mandu, Ujjain, Sanchi, Omkareshwar, Gwalior, Orchha and more, MP offers some very interesting and lovely destinations. Madhya Pradesh is also the hub of some of India’s finest monuments of various religions like Hinduism, Islam and Buddhist. Amongst others, hill station like Pachmarhi and national park like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna and Pench shows a lot of scope for a full entertaining tourist destination.

In addition, the handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh, which has a touch of its distinct traditions also features as an appealing attraction of the state.

Madhya Pradesh handicrafts

The handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh have distinct touch of the state. Some of the popular crafts of MP include textile weaving, hand printing, carpet weaving, colored lacquer ware, bead crafts, glass beads, wood, shell & white metal jewelry, terracotta figures and containers, rag dolls and toys.
Madhya pradesh animals toys

Gwalior's Batto Bai doll made of bamboo, paper and rags is another extremely popular craft of the state. These four to five feet in height dolls feature tribal designs and motifs that look beautiful. The state also features many ethnic art forms preserved by the tribal.

eathr skin toys madeof goat leather, natural look toys, hairy tiger, horse and deer, giraff, cat and dog etc.
Tiger crafts

Other important forms of handicraft being produced in the state include clay pots, Chanderi sarees, Papier Mache, Jute and zari works, bamboo and cane work, and Stone carving, are some of the major crafts of the state.

Different categories of Madhya Pradesh handicrafts

Carpet Weaving.
Bamboo and cane work
Dolls & Toys
Ornaments & Jewellery
Papier Mache
Textile Weaving

The craft of Carpet Weaving came to Madhya Pradesh from Persia with the Mughals. With further encouragement and support, Gwalior was transformed into a carpet-weaving center having excellent reputation. The weavers here are masters in their craft of weaving as well as dying. Woollen colorful carpets with floral and geometric designs are very beautiful and a must buy.

With the abundance of Bamboo in the state, Bamboo craft is another interesting craft that finds its place in the handicraft market of Madhya Pradesh. Tribal craftsmen produce many interesting bamboo articles used for daily purpose as well as decorative purpose.

Dhurries are flat-woven carpets used for floor covering. These are available in variety of designs and are made of thick cotton woven fabric. The craftsmen use quite primitive ways of making these dhurries. However, the bright color and beautiful patterns make them worthy enough. These dhurries are mostly woven by women at home in various villages and towns of Madhya Pradesh.

Doll & Toy making craft of Madhya Pradesh can give a tough competition to many branded toys. These are cute and colorful dolls made up of small cloth pieces and are created in places like Gwalior, Bhopal and Jhabua.

Metalwork in Madhya Pradesh is the sole responsibility of the tribal people in the state. Various tribes create various products signifying their traditions. Some of the common objects being created include delightful range of oil lamps, tools and statues. This beautiful work adorns many Indian homes, as well as most foreigners love to carry a few pieces of metalwork as souvenir to their country.

The tribals of Madhya Pradesh creates intricate designs of artistic ornaments and jewellery with thread, metal beads, feathers, textured or patterned base of woven cotton and so on.

People in MP also like silver ornaments Moreover. Both male and female wear jewelery in Madhya Pradesh as part of their costumes.

Painting is very primitive art in the state. Madhya Pradesh is popular for its amazing cave paintings. Most painting made on wall fulfills two-purpose of decorating walls and appealing to the tourists.

Papier Mache in the state is created in Ujjain in some parts of Gwalior, Bhopal and Ratlam. This craft creates some beautiful mud toys and dolls along with other articles like statues, birds, animals and decorative pieces etc.

As far as Pottery is concerned, the terracotta pottery of Madhya Pradesh is known to be remarkable. Mostly made by tribal people in Bastar region the traditional statues of animals, birds and other things are made out of this craft.

Stone Carving of Madhya Pradesh is one of the richest crafts, which can be seen in the stone sculptures in temples of Khajuraho, or beautiful monuments and shrines in Orchha and Gwalior.

Madhya Pradesh is a famous center of Textile Weaving. Maheshwari and Chanderi saris of Madhya Pradesh are very popular. The Chanderi is an extremely fine fabric with intricately woven border. Weaving these saris is mostly a family affair going on for traditions.

Manufacturers of Madhya Pradesh handicrafts

1. Raj overseas deals in manufacturing leather handicrafts along with other things.

Address: 88,m.g.road,shop no.184,phadnis complex, indore, Madhya Pradesh

2. Rainbow Art Centre manufactures handicrafts, dolls and toys along with other gifts

Address: 1, Baxi Colony Extension, Sadar Bazar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Exporters or export industry of Madhya Pradesh handicrafts

1. Avi Exports deals in manufacturing and exporting wooden handicrafts, wooden furniture amongst other things.

Address: 31, lakshya vihar, old boat factory, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

2. Art of Legend India manufactures and exports handicrafts, art paintings, home furnishing, fine jewelry, and designer jewelry.

Address: Daya Mandir Road, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

3. Cottage Crafts deals in exporting handicrafts.

Address: 214, Johari Palace, 51 M.G.Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


The handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh cover a market that include domestic as well as International market. The paintings of the MP have been recognized world over and are marketed and exhibited in countries like France, Japan, Australia. Some of the products also share markets in Middle East, China, USA, and EU.

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