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Indian handicrafts

Walnut Wood Crafts
This is Kashmir handicrafts, beautifully carved, decorated with floral desigs and other figures like camel, elephant and dragon designs.

Indian handicrafts

India Handicrafts

glass hollow beads
Glass Hollow beads
This is holow glass beads, belong to Ferozabad the city of glass handicrafts in India. These beads are rare, hollow inside with gold plating. These are light in weight, richness in shine and polish you can admire. These are handmade hollow glass beads in deifferent designs and sizes are available.

Environment friendly

ladies bag
Ladies Bags

wrought iron handicrafts
Wrought Iron

natural straws bag

Eco Friendly Crafts

Peacock Feather Fan
peacock feather

glass hollow beads
Glass T-Lights

Glasss handicrafts with various designs an size. T-light, hangings, chandeliers, mozaic lamp, lentern etc.

wooden box
Brass Inlaide Boxes

Kolhapuri Chappals
Kolhapuri Chappals

Indian paintings
Indian Paintings

Indian Art Gallery

Tribal Jewelry


Jute Crafts

Metal handicrafts

Stone craft

Bone Crafts


Tribal Art India

Wall Hangings

This is paper mache crafts from Kashmir. Beautiful dcorated handicrafts items.

Christmas Decorations
Paper Mache Bangles
Paper mache crafts
Christmas gifts

Furniture Rajasthan
Furniture Rajasthan

dari, mat

Leather Rugs

Jute Rugs


Bath Mat



Home furnishing


Indian Handicrafts:

map for Indian handicrafts
Every state of India having its own style of handicrafts

Camel craft provide information on Indian handicrafts and their resourses, artisans who make Indian handicrafts in all regions of India, various Indian art and crafts techniques, handicrafts manufacturers and exports in India.

Indian Handicrafts Origin

People have been using Indian handicrafts items from the very begning. At the ancient time the handicrafts items were used as daily usability items. There were no any factory available at that time but people themself were used to developed these items as per their requirement. Later on they started decoration on them and also started exchange these items with some other useful items developed by other people. Now in present world the demand of these beautiful items has been increasing day by day so the development of handicrafts become a big industry through out the world. The handicrafts developed in India called Indian handicrafts. Indian handicrafts manufacturers and exporters can be find all over country.

Intertactive map to locate the Indian handicrafts, every state has their unique style of handicrafts, and every hand made craft known for its region, and people known for their crafts, so it would be easy to locate any craftman by knowing the area of craft in India. Explore the different techniques of making crafts and methods of developing craft. Majorly there are som regions of India known for their beautiful tradtional Indian art and crafts. Kashmir known for Paper mache Crafts,Pashmina shawl and fine walnut wood crafts. Moradabad known for its metal handcarfts. Agra known for leather and marble crafts, Rajasthan known for its miniature pantings, silver jewelry, lakh jewelry, and other precious stone work and furniture, North East Indian known for various tribal crafts like natural straws crafts, stone pottery, bamboo crafts etc. South India is famous for crafts made of bronz and gun metal. Madhya Pradesh is known for its tribal crafts and much more to explore, it just an introduction, however there are hundreds of crafts techniques available in Indian villages which have been followed by craftmen for thousands of years. Now a a large number of Indian families depend on the handicrafts business in India,

Fairs and Exhibitions

Delhi Haat

Surajkund Craft Mela

Pushkar Fair

Craft Museum Delhi

EPCH Handicraft Exhibition

Bikaner Fair

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