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Goan handicrafts overview

Goa is probably, India’s most popular tourist destination, which is popular with domestic as well as international tourists. Goa is loved for its white sandy beaches, palm trees, and sparkling water. This tiny state attracts as many as 2 million visitors annually. Being a Portuguese colony for over 500 years, the influence is evident in its architecture, food and lifestyle of people. Similarly, Goan handicrafts also bear some influence of the same.
Goa fisher men

Like in other states of the country, the range of Goan handicrafts vary. Most of Goa’s handicrafts are made with the help of materials like clay, seashells, paper, bamboo and brass. The huge influx of tourists in the state helps in flourishing of the handicraft industry in Goa. The art and crafts of Goa present unified artistic amalgamation.
Goa art and crafts

Different categories of Goa handicrafts

Brass Work
Wooden Lacquer - ware
Papier Mache
Bamboo Craft
Terracotta Pottery
Seashell Craft
Goan tribal art

The Brass Work of Goa is a significant craft of the state. Artisans’ use brass to mould it and give several forms, designs and shapes to create objects like hanging oil lamp, statue, candle stands, ashtrays and so on. This craft is a very old one, however, it is most famous, simple and beautiful.

Wooden Lacquer – ware in Goa known as 'wood turning', which is another ancient craft of the state. This craft produces toys, decorative pieces, utility items and so on. Things like corner stands, baby carts, and cradles
coconut wood bottle

Papier Mache, the art of waste paper is also a popular craft of Goa like in many other Indian states. In this craft waste paper is used to make colorful items that are used for daily needs. Things like jewellery boxes, wall hangings, pen stands and flower vases are generally made out of this craft.

Bamboo Craft is one of the oldest crafts of Goa. This craft was introduced by artisan of a community who used to make various items for fishermen and farmers with bamboo. Currently, various decorative items were also made out of this craft like pots, baskets, pen stands, and lightweight furniture and letter holders and so on.

In Terracotta Pottery, Goan artists produce items such as penholders, decorative flowerpots, floral designs, ashtrays and figurines. This craft is also an age-old craft of the state gong on for years now.

The intricate art Woodcarving is an old craft, which has changed form with the changing times. Artists in Goa have kept this form alive by constantly evolving this art. Moreover, in Goa, the influence of eastern and western culture can also be seen in this craft form. Interesting items like photo frames, idols, mirror frames, bookshelves and boxes are created by artists of wood carving in Goa.

Being a beach land, Goa is famous for Seashell Craft. Seashells are collected by shell collectors and are given different shapes with design innovations. Items produced by the craftsmen include chandeliers, lampshades, curtains, coasters, mirror frames, ashtrays and so on.
seashell crafts

Manufacturers of Goa handicrafts

1. Bansal Handicrafts deals in manufacturing handicraft and handloom items.

Address: Near CSM Hotel, Baga Road, Calangute, Goa

2. Persian Arts manufactures handicrafts, handlooms, and other decoration items.

Address: H No. 441B, Vaddy, Candolim, Goa

3. Goa Handicrafts manufactures handicrafts and handlooms.

Address: Craft Complex, Neogui Nagar, Panaji, Goa

Exporters or export industry of Goa handicrafts

1. Crochetgoa is exporter of crochet candles, craft, knitted dresses, paintings, etc.

Address: Ganga Nagar, Mapusa, Goa

2. Devsu Ventures is exporter of handicrafts, wooden furniture and so on.

Address: 305, Cosmos Centre, Mapusa, Goa

3. Madal Bal Goa Exports Pvt. ltd. exports handicrafts, wooden furniture, textile products, incense, hand crafted textile wall hangings, table runners, cushion covers, lamps, bags

Address: Lane 1, St. Mary's Colony, Miramar, Panaji, Goa

The Goa handicraft market covers countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on. Looking at the huge demand of Goan crafts in the international market, the government of Goa has also taken serious steps in the recent times to further upgrade the handicraft industry of the state. The government has set Goa Handicrafts, Rural & Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited (GHRSSIDC) to give employment and support to artisans involved in creating these handicrafts.
Goa tribal art and crafts, handicrafts market

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