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Jharkhand Handicrafts, Tribal crafts

The newly formed state of Jharkhand was created in 2000 along with two other states namely Uttarakhand and Chattisgarh. Jharkhand was created out of neighboring state Bihar so as to meet the demands of the tribal people. Jharkhand is yet develop as a tourist destination, however, state has some prime attractions in the form of national parks, waterfalls etc., located in and around the capital city, Ranchi. Nevertheless, the handicrafts of Jharkhand are quite renown and like other states of India has a domestic as well as international market.

jharkhand crafts
Madhubani painting style Jharkhand

Jharkhand handicrafts

The various crafts of Jharkhand include bamboo crafts, woodcrafts, Pitkar paintings, tribal ornaments and stone carving. Being rich is forest and wood, Jharkhand produces some good craftwork from wood and related materials. Pitkar paintings and stone carving are other crafts that interest people across the country. Moreover, the tribal ornaments are unique and special and receives a lot of attention and also portrays traditional heritage of the tribal people. Toy making is another craft that is fun and the outcome is quite amazing. These colorful and gorgeous toys are given various shapes of bird and animals.
The handicrafts of Jharkhand are made by its different tribes and its craftsmen, which portray the rich tradition of art and culture of the state and its people.

Different categories of Jharkhand handicrafts
Madhubani art
Wooden Crafts
Bamboo Works
Metal Works
Stone Carvings
Toy Making
Tribal Crafts
tribal art jharkhand

Wooden Craft is so popular in the state because Jharkhand is surrounded by forests all over and wood is abundantly available here. This wood is used by artisans to create different products that are used in everyday life and also for decoration and other purposes. Some such items include windows, door panels, boxes, wooden spoons and so on.

Bamboo Works of Jharkhand is another famous handicraft that is appreciated by one and all. Bamboo is used to make items like fishing equipments, baskets, boxes and decorative items.

Metal craft of Jharkhand is popular with Tentri and Malhar communities who are known to be experts in this crafts. They make various household wares and decorative items out of metal

Another craft here is Stone Carvings, a traditional craft of Jharkhand. Once flourishing, this craft is loosing ground over the years with just a handful of stone carving artists remaining.

The tribal people of Jharkhand make beautiful Ornaments, which they are very fond of wearing. The tribal artists make simple and beautiful jewelry with metals and beads. These ornaments highlight the elegance of the traditional culture of the region.

The tribal people of Jharkhand make beautiful Ornaments, which they are very fond of wearing. The tribal artists makes simple and beautiful jewelry with metals like gold, silver and beads. These ornaments highlight the elegance of the traditional culture of the region.

Last but not the least, Toy Making is another craft of Jharkhand that are used by children. After crafting, these toys are painted with the canary paint for natural look.

jharkhand art and crafts

Manufacturers of Jharkhand handicrafts

1. Babuni Handicrafts in Ranchi are associated with exporting and manufacturing handicraft toys, flowers, and so on.

Address: Milan, Shreya Enclave Road, Bariatu, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Website: http://www.babunihandicraft.in

2. Sunny Thoughts deals manufacturing various handicrafts.

Address: 1/a, Prerna Appt. Holding-831, New Sitaramdera, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Exporters or export industry of Jharkhand handicrafts

1. Kalsy Distributors are exporters of handicrafts.

Address: Plot No Ga-20, City Centre, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand


email : camelcraft@yahoo.com