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Craft Museum Delhi

Craft museum situated near Pragati maidan at Delhi, opposite Old fort. It has preserved real India in it. A feel of villages, old houses and cart, old art pieces. The attractions are displayed at the lawnn outside the museum gallery the terracotta figures lagee in size and the beautiful examples of terracotta art. The figures included horse, bull, cow, men and women. The old utensils can also be seen here. several type of hut and their craftmenship. Here also a vast collection of all Indian handicrafts collected from all over India and Indian artist / artisans, you can purchase master pieces of Indian crafts.

Crafts Museum, a terracotta horse couple
Terracotta of India, beautifully made and decorated with flowers, motif, chain and other decorative art on Horses made of clay, the technique known as Terracotta technique of India

Old Terracotta art displayed at Crafts Museum Delhi, India

Statue of a man, black sculpture, an example of old Indian Art and craft

A Man sculpture made of Terracotta displayed at Craft Museum of Delhi, India, the Example of old Indian teraacotta technique

Old Iron Utencills displayed in Crafts Museum

A Village scene at Craft Museum Delhi, India

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